foto biografiaAdália Alberto was born in 1973, in Leiria, Portugal.

In 1999 she started creating original sculptures and she participated in the 1st Forum of Artists at Leiria Castle.

In 2000, she held her first solo exhibition in Leiria.

In 2005 she represented Portugal in the 13th Art Salon in Saint-Maur-Des Fossés, Paris.

In 2007 she received the Certificate of Merit Recognition of the Elos Club of Leiria; the Honour of the Brazilian Association of Drawing and Visual Art, ABD and the Medal of Honour of Merit of Maria da Fontinha’s House Museum, Castro Daire.

In 2010, Adália created the artwork entitled “Turned round Lady”( Senhora de Costas) for the exhibition “Go for Arts ,Citizens” – in Serralves Museum in Oporto, with the plastic artist Rigo 23.

In 2013 she was Commissioner Sculpture Symposium "Perpetram” in partnership with town Hall Porto de Mós, Leiria.

In Portugal, she has already exhibited her work from the north to the south of the country.

Her work is represented in many museums, town halls and art galleries and it is spread throughout the four continents in several art collections in Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, England, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, Angola, Cape Verde, Dubai, Lebanon, Chile and the United States of America.

The artist has 13 public works.

Public Works 
2016 - Bust of the Republic, Guimarães
        - "Resineiro", Pombal
        - "Veado", Nazaré
        - "Monumento aos 600 Anos da Tomada de Ceuta", Pedrogão Grande

2015 - “Afectos”, Alcobaça
        - “Laços”, Biscarrosse, França
        - “Linguagem Corrente”, Porto de Mós, Leiria

2014 - “Laços”, Pombal
2013 - Tribute to Portuguese Sidewalk, Porto de Mós
2011 - ”Cumplicidades”, Carregado, Lisboa
2010 - “Pega de Caras”, Santarém
2008 - “Calceteiro”, Porto de Mós
        - “A Toureira”, Santarém

“Adália Alberto rehearses / experiences, she does not want to get stuck or marked with a style. The sculptures can be introspective, humorous and provocative.

The artist believes that art is a critical and provocative vision of the society we live in, combined in an aesthetic harmony capable or not of provoking emotions sometimes difficult to explain. It is a constant questioning of our role as citizens in a so called global world and it is the attempt to find answers to our concerns.
Art allows us not to remain hostages of a mere vision. Art challenges us, provokes us, and confronts us with a society where the human being is constantly tested in an attempt to find permanent happiness, which really fulfills us totally...“